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How to learn English by yourself?

Learning English can be an expensive challenge! That’s why so many people learn English on their own. But where do you start? What materials do you use? How do you organise your study? In this post, we aim to answer these questions and give you some tips to help you speed up your learning process.

1 – Get organised!

The first point is probably the most important point. If you want to learn English by yourself, you simply need to be organised. You need to ensure you have time to learn grammar, improve your listening skills, practice speaking and learn vocabulary. That is a lot to do! Make sure you make a learning plan, so all of these things are practised equally.

2 – Study regularly.

When you want to learn English by yourself, not having an English teacher can mean you sometimes find it hard to keep yourself motivated over a long period of time. Not having a teacher giving you homework or checking your progress can sometimes mean that you don’t  

have much to keep you motivated over a long period of time. 

Remember study is most effective when you study regularly.

3 – Remember your reasons for learning English.

This point follows on from the last. Motivation is the ultimate way to keep yourself going when studying English by yourself. The best way to remain motivated is to remember the reasons why you are learning English. Are you trying to pass the IELTS exam? Are you trying to learn English for your job? Keep the reason for your English study in your mind, and remember the benefits it will give you often. 

4 – Use a range of study materials from many resources.

I am sure that you have favourite resources to use when learning English by yourself. However, if you have no English teacher to help you, you must get your resources from various places. This is because as a student, you may find it difficult to understand how reliable various resources that you have are! By mixing up your study materials, you also gain the benefit of another writer’s input, which is quite like having another English class. 

5 – Get an English teacher, and use them smartly.

Okay, let’s be honest. It can be hard to learn English by yourself. Sometimes you may have situations when you really feel lost, and in these situations, accepting that you need a teacher to assist you is the best thing that you can do. That said, we feel that some simple choices can make a huge difference when you simply need an English teacher. Firstly, ensure that you study the content of the lesson after the lesson time. This will maximise what you learn and remember in the lesson. Secondly, try to find a qualified, native tutor. While this can be more expensive, the benefit of a qualified, native tutor is that the class is more immersive (you must interact with a native accent) and also the tutor will be able to focus on your aims.

Okay, so there you have our 5 points for how to learn English by yourself! Of course, here at Easy English, we offer classes with a qualified, native tutor for low cost. Should you wish to have lessons with an English teacher, however you feel that classes are generally too expensive, perhaps our classes could be an alternative. With 1 hour group classes, with a qualified, native tutor for $10USD, we really feel everyone can have access to a quality tutor!  

Keep your study resources varied; books, movies, websites are all good.

Sign up for a class today by clicking below! 

Did you learn English by yourself? Share your advice in the comments below! 😀

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