Would you like to speak English more like a native speaker? The expressions below  will help you to sound more native and to get a higher score in IELTS speaking.   How Native Speakers Actually Speak English  The following expressions are used by native speakers and C1 Advanced or C2 proficient speakers can use them to […]

Suppose – how to use it.

Suppose is such an important word in the English language. Check out this post and try to add “suppose” to your English conversations!  Suppose means – ‘take it to be true,’ ‘assume,’ ‘imagine,’ ‘think.’ Pattern: …SUPPOSE (THAT) + CLAUSE. “I suppose it will train this evening. Look at the clouds.” “I suppose it’s a good idea […]

How to learn English by yourself?

Learning English can be an expensive challenge! That’s why so many people learn English on their own. But where do you start? What materials do you use? How do you organise your study? In this post, we aim to answer these questions and give you some tips to help you speed up your learning process. […]