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Suppose – how to use it.

Suppose is such an important word in the English language. Check out this post and try to add “suppose” to your English conversations! 

Suppose means – ‘take it to be true,’ ‘assume,’ ‘imagine,’ ‘think.’


  • “I suppose it will train this evening. Look at the clouds.”
  • “I suppose it’s a good idea – but I’m doubtful.” 
  • “Just suppose there were no doctors, dentists, or hospitals! Life would be unpleasant and short.”
  • “Do you suppose the children would like an ice-cream?”


  • I SUPPOSE SO (DOUBTFUL REPLY)- E.g. “Are you meeting tomorrow as usual?” “I suppose so.”
  • I SUPPOSE (I THINK)- E.g. “What time is the meeting?” “At nine, I suppose.”
  • BE SUPPOSED TO + VERB (VERB IDIOM)- E.g. “We’re supposed to feed the animals twice a day.” (This is what we should do.) “Our plane is supposed to take off at 10a.m. (This is what should happen.)  

Now you have learnt about “suppose,” check out our online English classes, and book a class today! 😀 

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