Suppose – how to use it.

Suppose is such an important word in the English language. Check out this post and try to add “suppose” to your English conversations!  Suppose means – ‘take it to be true,’ ‘assume,’ ‘imagine,’ ‘think.’ Pattern: …SUPPOSE (THAT) + CLAUSE. “I suppose it will train this evening. Look at the clouds.” “I suppose it’s a good idea […]

How to use “going to” to talk about the future.

In the English language, we have a few ways to talk about the future. This can be very useful as it will help to demonstrate your level, making you look and sound like a native speaker. It is so important however to use the correct future tense when speaking.  Today, let’s look at the future […]

The conditionals – how and when to use them.

The English language is full of tricky grammar which makes even the most confident English speaker feel confused! The conditionals are just one of those difficult grammatical aspects that you will need to overcome. Use our handy conditional guide to help you understand them! Zero Conditional- If+ Present Tense+ Present Tense. This is used to […]