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What is grammatical range and accuracy for the IELTS exam?

Many of my students ask me, “how do I improve my grammatical range?” As you all know, grammar rules are not always easy to learn and even native speakers make grammatical mistakes from time to time. In this lesson, we are going to look at what you can do to improve your grammatical range IELTS band score.

The examiner will be assessing you according to the criteria above during the exam.

How do I get an IELTS band 7 score in the speaking exam for grammatical range?

The IELTS examiner requires that you ‘use a range of complex structures with some flexibility’ in order to get an IELTS band score of 7. I suppose you are wondering, ‘what is that’? 

 Simply put, the IELTS examiner needs to see you using a range of different tenses during the IELTS speaking test. This means using conditional tenses, future tense, past tense, present tense and being able to distinguish between past perfect and past simple. 

Tip: Try to identify which tense to use in each question. Some questions for example, the one below are testing your use of past tense.

“What was the most boring thing you did when you were young?”

Can I make grammatical errors and achieve an ielts speaking band score of 7?

Yes of course, a band 7 can still make lots of grammatical errors however it depends on what type of mistakes you make. Simple errors when forming the future, past simple and present tense would be marked lower by an IELTS examiner. Band 7 speakers often make mistakes when forming more complex tenses such as the past perfect or the second conditional tense. 

I hope that you found this lesson useful, for more free IELTS lessons. Thank you for reading!

About me… Hello, my name is Victoria, an IELTS instructor for 8 years. Over the past 2 years, I have helped over 2000 online students achieve the band score that they need and this site is where I share my exam strategies for free. I hope it helps you!

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