Top IELTS tutor reveals the most difficult part 1 IELTS questions.

In this lesson we shall look at some of the most difficult part 1 IELTS questions according to myself and my students. We will also learn some techniques that you can use when answering difficult part 1 IELTS questions. Do you like flowers? This question is considered difficult as it tends to surprise some students. […]

What is grammatical range and accuracy for the IELTS exam?

Many of my students ask me, “how do I improve my grammatical range?” As you all know, grammar rules are not always easy to learn and even native speakers make grammatical mistakes from time to time. In this lesson, we are going to look at what you can do to improve your grammatical range IELTS […]

IELTS speaking – books and films

In this lesson you will learn some key vocabulary to describe books in the IELTS speaking exam. In order to get a IELTS band 6 or higher, the examiner requires you to use a range of vocabulary with some less common vocabulary. Let’s have a look at some below.  Adjectives to describe books and films: […]

Free IELTS preparation class – free trial.

  Are you preparing for the IELTS exam? Do you need to improve your IELTS band score? Do you want to find a qualified, native English teacher at an affordable price?  Why not try a free 1-hour trial with one of our native English teachers?  What to expect in the free trial? 1-hour trial lesson. Cover all […]

What does lexical resource mean in IELTS?

 This is the speaking-band criteria that your IELTS examiner will have in front of them during the exam. The table shows scores from band 5 (at the bottom) to band 9 at the top. In this lesson we are going to look through the main criterias so that you understand what you have to do […]

Is it better to have a British or American accent for the IELTS?

 I get lots of students asking me about accents in the IELTS exam and they worry about what accent the examiner would prefer. Remember that this is a global English exam and your examiner may be from any English-speaking Country. Here is my guide on this subject.   It is a common belief that having a […]


 Utilisez cet article de blog pour développer votre vocabulaire Anglais pour passer le test IELTS. Apprenez le vocabulaire et entraînez-vous à formuler des réponses aux questions ci-dessous. Mot Définition Exemple Bedside table Une petite table normalement à côté d’un lit. “I always put water on my bedside table, just in case I get thirsty in […]


2022 年 10 月 12 日 以下是我们为您的雅思口语考试准备的最佳动词短语. 如果您能够在考试中使用其中之一,我们相信这将有助于提高您的雅思成绩! 动词短语 定义 例子 TO LOOK UP 搜索  Amy has to look up the directions to the cinema.  TO LOOK BACK 沉溺于过去, 缅怀过去 When I look back I am so happy with the positive changes that I made in my life.  TO DROP OUT 一滴 Tony dropped out […]

Bagaimana untuk menggunakan syarat bahasa Inggeris?

Bahasa Inggeris penuh dengan tatabahasa rumit yang membuatkan penutur bahasa Inggeris yang paling yakin pun akan berasa keliru! Syarat-syarat tersebut hanyalah salah satu aspek tatabahasa yang sukar yang perlu anda atasi. Gunakan panduan bersyarat kami yang berguna untuk membantu anda memahaminya! Tiada syarat– If + Present Tense + Present Tense. Ini digunakan untuk menyatakan fakta. […]

10 frasa kata kerja IELTS teratas

Frasa Kata Kerja Definisi Contoh To meet up Untuk berjumpa dan melakukan perkara bersama – sama “I finally met up with my friends last week.” To calm down Untuk santai dan berhenti daripada marah “He was extremely angry so he walked off to calm down.” To call up Untuk menghubungi seseorang di telefon “I try […]