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How to encourage your child to learn English?

Getting your child to study any subject can be really difficult right? I think most parents accept that shouting until your child does their work isn’t the best way to solve the problem. With that in mind the question is, how do you encourage your child to learn English? Here are a few of the best ways to ensure your child learns English successfully. 

   Keep it fun! The first and certainly most important point in this list. Children’s brains are like sponges, their ability to learn new information is simply incredible. Therefore children don’t need to be forced into a strict educational regime. If they enjoy the activity they are doing, then learning will be natural. There are many ways in which learning can be fun, such as YouTube videos, bedtime stories and popular pop songs. All of course in English! For older children, online video games are a great way to develop their English speaking and understanding. However, you should be careful as it can be difficult to control what your child is exposed to. 

   Make it immersive! As mentioned before, children’s brains are very good at taking on new information. In order to ensure they receive an immersive experience, you need to make sure that your child is always exposed to English in some way. One of the best things you can do is play English music in your car. Turn the journey to school into an opportunity to improve their listening skills. Or why not do a movie night with all the family with a Hollywood Blockbuster? Movie nights can be made easier with subtitles, this means everyone will be able to understand what is going on. 

   Let your child see you learning too! This may seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many parents forget this. After all children will feel really happy to see their parents taking on this challenge too. Group activities in English are the perfect way to show your children that you are a student of the language too! If you are a competitive family, why not play a board game? Or if you like a particular activity, why not try to only speak in English when doing it, seeing you struggle can really help your children to understand the fact that it can be hard to learn a language. 

Use English classes with a tutor! All the above techniques are great as they help your child to practice their English on a daily basis. However, it is so important to have classes with a professional English tutor. These classes will be used to improve your child’s grammar knowledge, vocabulary range and to speak to a native English tutor. These three factors together will ensure that your child’s English improves


Are you a parent? How do you motive your child to learn English? Write a comment below! 😀 

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