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 Would you like to speak English more like a native speaker? The expressions below  will help you to sound more native and to get a higher score in IELTS speaking.  

How Native Speakers Actually Speak English

 The following expressions are used by native speakers and C1 Advanced or C2 proficient speakers can use them to sound more native. 

Expression  Definition  Example
To whizz down the lane To move or go rapidly whilst making a loud humming or buzzing sound. Emily listened to music whilst whizzing down the lane.
Cock-a-hoop Very pleased and boastful. Peter looked cock-a-hoop whilst eating his victoria sponge cake.
Country bumpkin A person from the rural area of a country. Tomas has lived in Devon for 25 years now, he is a country bumpkin.
Tickety-boo  Fine, okay.  Everything was tickety-boo. 
Mizzly To rain in very fine drops. It was a grey mizzly day.
To lash down (idiom) To rain heavily. It was lashing down at the weekend.
Use these comments to sound like a native English speaker.

Can I use Wanna and Gonna in IELTS Speaking?

Yes, in part 1 and part 2. 

Gonna and Wanna are contractions and in IELTS Speaking you can use contractions because they are a part of natural spoken English. 

Listen to and read some examples below. 


I – am – going –  to – go 

amgonna go 

I – want – to – go  

awanna go

Shall – we – go? 

Shwe go?

I hope that you have enjoyed this lesson and please let me know what you think in the comments below.


About me… Hello, my name is Victoria, an IELTS instructor at EasyEnglish and an English teacher for 8 years. This site is where I share my IELTS exam strategies to help people get the band score that they need. I hope it helps you!

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