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What discourse markers can I use in the IELTS speaking test?

In order to get a band 6 and higher in the IELTS speaking test, you will be required to use ‘a range of discourse markers’. Here is a list of some discourse markers that you can use in the exam. To find out what a discourse marker is and what is fluency and cohesion, here is a free guide. 


Additionally For adding extra information Tom hated fish. Additionally, he was allergic to haddock. 
For instance For giving examples Many people in the world grow their own food. For instance, people in Russia and Croatia. 
On the other hand For contrasting Amy was fit and healthy. On the other hand, Mary was not. 
Broadly speaking For generalising  Broadly speaking, people in the UK support democracy. 
Consequently For showing cause and effect Tom had no money, consequently, he applied for a job in a law firm. 

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