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2022 年 10 月 25 日

以下是我们为您的雅思口语考. 试准备的最佳词汇表 如果您能够在考试中使用其中之一我们相信这将有助于提高您的雅思成绩!

Abstract art抽象艺术“Abstract art focuses on colour and shapes”. 
Pop art大众艺术“Postwar Pop art was very popular”.
Plastic bottles塑料‘Plastic bottles are all over school fields’. 
To recycle 循环利用‘Recycling plastic is good for the environment’.
Straws吸管‘Glass straws are more environmentally friendly’.

雅思口语题 2022 年 10 月 25 日

Part 1

  1. Do you like art?
  2. Did you learn to draw when you were a kid?
  3. Have you ever visited an art gallery?
  4. Is there any artwork on the wall in your room?

Part 2

Describe a time when you saw a lot of plastic waste (e.g., in a park, on the beach, etc.)

You should say:

  • where and when you saw the plastic waste
  • why there was a lot of plastic waste
  • what you did after you saw it
  • and explain what your thoughts were about this.

 Part 3

  1. Do you think we should use plastic products?
  2. How can we reduce our use of plastic?
  3. What kinds of plastic waste are often seen in your country?
  4. Why do people like to use plastic products?



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