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短语动词 定义 例子
To meet up 见面 “I finally met up with my friends last week.”
To calm down 冷静下来 “He was extremely angry so he walked off to calm down.”
To call up 打电话 “I try to make time every week to call up my mother.”
To fall through 失败 “I nearly bought a new car, but it fell through when they rejected my offer.”
To get away 脱身 “Sometimes I want to quit my job and get away from my hometown.”
To go back 返回 “I went to Spain on holiday last year, I cannot wait to go back again next year.”
To pick out 挑选 “My girlfriend takes a long time to pick out clothes for the day.”
To run into 与物体碰撞 “If you don’t look where you’re going, you’ll run into something or someone.”
To give up 放弃 “He never gave up and now he has a band 8 IELTS score!”
To turn down 拒绝 “I turned down dinner because I didn’t like that particular restaurant.”



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