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成语 定义 例子
To be on cloud nine 欣喜若狂 “I’m on cloud nine because I passed my IELTS exam.”
To make (someone’s) blood boil (使别人)怒火中烧 “It makes my blood boil when I hear about inequality.”
To hit the ceiling 勃然大怒 He hits the ceiling every time he has an argument at work.”
To be against the clock 争分夺秒 “We are against the clock as we need to complete the assignment by the end of the day.”
To be all ears 洗耳恭听 “He told me if I had any suggestions, he would be all ears.”
To cost next to nothing 非常便宜 “In some countries, food costs next to nothing..”
Through thick and thin 同甘共苦 “My friends and I stick together through thick and thin.”
Fit as a fiddle 非常健康 “Since I’ve taken up running, I’ve become fit as a fiddle.”
To go the extra mile 除了份内活儿, 还干额外的事 “When you go the extra mile for your customers, they will return.”
A piece of cake 小菜一碟 “Learning English is a piece of cake!”



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